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Soft Soldering


Ready to use soft solder paste for aluminium (Solder: Sn100 -pure tin-)
(LEAD-FREE) ISO-9454: 2.1.3.C (2131)

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Packaging units:
50 g Bottle with brush
Application area: For the soft soldering and tinning of aluminium and aluminium alloys with pure tin (Sn100)
Appearance/Consistency: grey-silver
Density at 20 °C: 3-4 g/cm³
Metal alloy: Sn 100
Particle size: <80 μ
Metal portion: >70%
Flux portion: <30%
Flux type: 2.1.3.C

Customer added value

  • Simple handling, easy to stir
  • No separate solder supply necessary
  • Very strongly activated
  • High temperature range: 250°C to max. 450°C
  • Very clean soldering joints
  • Extremely simple handling, laborious soldering with core solder not necessary
  • Easy storage, can be stored at room temperature and does not harden (no polymerisation reactions)
  • Not subject to labelling according to REACH (CLP) and GHS
  • Not hazardous goods according to the current transport regulations


Important information: ALUSOL Solder Paste Sn must be stirred before use!


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