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Strip Tinning


Due to high industrial requirements, high-quality surface finishes are necessary for a wide variety of metal products. Copper strips and copper alloys are coated with various metals. Typically, this is done with a layer of pure tin.

In order to obtain a long-lasting and reliable bond between the copper and the applied pure tin, the copper surface must be clean and free of oxides. To achieve this, Emil Otto has developed flux concentrates that have excellent wetting properties in the dissolved state and reliably prepare the surface for the application of pure tin.

Product Application area
B-10000 Flux Conventional soft-soldering of copper materials, hot dipping, strip tinning, special applications
B-62/750-SP Flux Conventional soft-soldering of copper and brass materials; very well suited for strip-stock tinning of brass
EO-MC-001 Wave- and selective soldering, manual- and repair soldering, dip soldering