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Tool- and Machine Production

For the manufacture of tools and machines, as well as for service or repair, Emil Otto has developed a whole range of different products that facilitate metal processing and machining and enable long-lasting use of tools and equipment. The comprehensive portfolio includes polishing pastes, solvents and cleaning agents, spotting pastes in various colors as well as highly effective spray and rust protection oil.

In particular, the marking paints produced only by Emil Otto worldwide, in various color shades and coverages, are used to apply color markings when scribing metallic workpieces in preparation for mechanical processing, marking and applying cutting contours or marking finished parts. All marking colors are fast drying, ready to use and available in different packaging units, from the pen for immediate use to the 1-liter canister. For removing the marking colors, Emil Otto offers the EOSOL solvent A as well as the ecological and sustainable, water-based EOSOL WBC.