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To create a protective layer against corrosion on metallic surfaces, these surfaces are often burnished. By immersing the workpieces in a solution, black mixed-oxide layers are formed to protect the surface. Stainless steel, heavy metals, structural and tool steels, as well as non-ferrous metals, aluminum and aluminum alloys can all be processed with Emil Otto’s excellent burnishing solutions. All burnishing solutions are designed for immediate use in metal processing. The coatings created by burnishing are resistant to bending and abrasion, allowing subsequent further processing of the metal. Likewise, burnished surfaces act as an adhesion primer for other surface coatings such as lacquers.

Product Application area
NIGRIT “AL-LIQUID-BLACK 4.20” COLD BURNISHING - BLACKENING of aluminum, acts only on blank treated areas
NIGRIT “K” COLD BURNISHING - BLACKENING of iron and steel, corrosion protection
NIGRIT “M” COLD BURNISHING - BLACKENING of copper, brass and bronze
NIGRIT “Ti” COLD BLACKENING - BLACKENING AGENT for titanium and titanium alloys, corrosion protection
NIGRIT “VA” COLD BURNISHING - BLACKENING of stainless steel, corrosion protection
NIGRIT AI-Extra The solution supplied ready for use is to be filled into a resistant container made of GRP, HDPE or PP.