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Metal etching is a daily occurrence in metalworking. In this process, the chemical properties of etchants are used to mark metal surfaces, identify processing steps and label parts. The paint applied with an etching pen is permanent and can only be removed mechanically. This eliminates the need for time-consuming hammering in and engraving of numbers and characters. The high-quality etchants developed by Emil Otto can be used for all metals, as well as hardened and thin-walled metals. The products can be used for industrial applications as well as for craftsmen/trades and are available in different packaging sizes.

Product Application area
Adler Etching Solution The etchant is suitable for all steels (also high-alloy and rust- and acid-resistant grades) as well as for cast iron and nickel alloys
Metal Etching Pen For labelling, identifying, and marking heavy metals,construction and tool steels, and pure aluminium in toolmaking as well as in storage, test, and identification and inspection tasks