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(Liquid concentrate for the production of water based and
alcoholic based flux for tinning and soldering processes)
ISO-9454: 2124 WEEE / RoHS-conformant

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Packaging units:
Canister with 5 l and 20 l
Application area: Wave- and selective soldering, manual- and repair soldering, dip soldering
Appearance/Consistency: colorless-light yellow, transparent liquid
ph-value: 4 – 7
Density at 20 °C: 1.05 – 1.08 g/cm³
Flash point: >80 °C
Activators: organic hydrohalogen complex
Solvents: Water
Bromide content [Br-]: 9 –11 %
Storage (Recommendation): cool, dry and light protected at 5°C–25°C
EO-MC-001 is a (LIQUIDE-CONCENTRATE) of the latest generation and was specially developed for tinning processes. With this concentrate, it is possible for the user to tailor an alcohol-based or water-based flux exactly for his process.
EO-MC-001 is based on halogen-substituted organic compounds, with high-performance additives for optimum wetting and, above all, offers the advantages of a very broad effective temperature range (about 130-300 ° C).

Since our fluxes have proven very successful in the local market, we were also able to register inquiries from abroad to an increasing extent. However, it turned out that in the case of shipping overseas, the freight costs partly exceeded the value of the goods considerably. These problems can now be avoided with EO-MC-001 (no dangerous goods according to the current transport regulations).

Recommendations for processing:
The recommended application concentration is between 5-50% of EO-MC-001 for the
respective process. For very complex tinning process, the use is possible without additional

WATER BASE FLUX (Classification according to J-STD-004: OR M1): Depending on the
application up to a maximum of 15% of EO-MC-001 in DI water (Deionized water) [approx. 50g /
L to 150g / L].].

ALCOHOL-BASED FLUX (Classification according to J-STD-004: OR M1): Depending on
application up to a maximum of 15% of EO-MC-001 in isopropyl alcohol (propan-2-ol)
[Ca. 40g / L to 120g / L].
(Caution mixture is flammable, observe explosion protection)


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