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D-303 Flux Concentrate

Flux concentrate, inorganic bromic, chlorinated
Type 3.1.2.A under ISO 9454

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Packaging units:
Net 50 kg canister. Our general terms and conditions apply.
Application area: Conventional soft-soldering (manual, immersion, furnace soldering) of copper materials, cooler construction
Appearance/smell: colourless to light yellow, liquid
ph-value: 4 – 7
Density at 20 °C: 1.7 g/cm³
Durability: 24 months
Water solubility: easily, arbitrarily miscible with water
Debris: must be removed
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Added customer value

  • Soft-solder flux concentrate that can be adapted to each process by dilution with water
  • Very good wetting properties
  • Very good soldering properties
  • Very highly activated
  • Residues are very easy to remove


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